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14 11, 2017

Coming Soon: SuiteCRM and Twilio SMS Ninja!

What is Twilio? Twilio is a cloud communication platform that is used to make and revive text messages and phone calls through the use of Twilio's API. This allows you to create messages, route customers, and keep customers in the loop of what is going on in your business. Why Connect CRM with Twilio?  Connecting CRM with Twilio brings many benefits to your business. Combining Twilio and Suite CRM improves engagement, coordination, and your customer satisfaction. With Twilio, you can engage your contacts in CRM and store the history of those text messages or calls in CRM. In [...]

24 10, 2017

What CRM development can do for my business?

Do you want to accomplish something in CRM but realized that it falls outside of its basic functionality? In general, all CRM systems have the same basic functions. Most CRM systems will usually have Accounts, Cases, Projects, Contacts, etc. However, some may do certain things better than others or they just simply may be called something different across brands. This leads to the question many Executives or managers may ask, "What can CRM development do for my business?". The simple answer to this question is "A lot!". Benefits of CRM Development: CRM development can help you customize your [...]

16 10, 2017

Find out how Gantt Chart Ninja works with Timesheet Ninja!

Are you using Timesheet Ninja to track the amount of time your employees are spending on Projects and Project Tasks? Timesheet Ninja and Timesheet Ninja Enterprise are productivity tools that give users the ability to log time against all modules in CRM. This includes logging time against Projects and Project Tasks, which for project managers is an essential part of their role because in order to complete a project, project managers need to come up with a project plan to kick off their projects. This is where Gantt Chart Ninja comes in because Gantt Chart Ninja is essential [...]

7 08, 2017

School Supplies Drive: Helping Children in Need

CRM Experts is teaming up with elementary school teacher, Marlene Aviles & community outreach organizer, Omayra Rivera to help children with their back-to-school needs.  We will be conducting a School Supplies Drive from Aug 12th-31st benefiting the Segunda Unidad Francisco Vicenty Elementary School in the rural area of Bucarabones, Maricao, Puerto Rico. Many of the children live in families with income just above the poverty threshold. Students depend on the kindness of their teachers to provide the materials needed for the school year. The average teacher can spend almost $500 a year in classroom supplies. The school is [...]

3 08, 2017

Automate all your Appointments & Notify Your Customers with BookMe Now CRM

On the surface, the process of scheduling appointments and managing individual contact information seems simple enough. However, a more in-depth analysis of an organization’s scheduling processes will reveal just how ineffective and costly this task can be. On average businesses are saving between $10 and $2000 per transaction if clients book online instead of answering through a phone number or more than any other channel. This is costing companies and small businesses between $400 and $1000 per month in labor costs as a result of manually scheduling appointments. Here are the top reasons you should consider online booking [...]

29 05, 2017

Have Social Conversations in SuiteCRM & Increase Deal Collaboration

CRM systems do not come shipped with the most collaborative and social features. With this plugin from CRM Experts NY, you can now collaborate on deals, customer support cases, and any module in SuiteCRM the same way you would conversate on Social Media. CRM Social Collaboration Ninja enables your CRM Users to collaborate and conversate on any record in SuiteCRM. Get your sales, service, and marketing teams collaborating on new deals through conversation. Tag other users of the CRM platform and bring them into the conversation. Automatic email notifications will go out to users as you converse. Check [...]

22 05, 2017

Leads and CRM

CRM makes it easier for your business to maintain a flow of leads so that you can have a healthy sales pipeline. A lead in business is a person who will potentially do business with your company. Since a company needs a healthy stream of leads to maintain its financial position and increase in growth, a company needs to stay organized in its lead management. [hr] Lead Management: Lead management refers to best practices with the ability to turn leads into customers for your business. CRM makes it easy to process all the information about your customers and convert the [...]

17 05, 2017

Customer Experience and CRM

CRM helps your business improve the experience you provide for your customers. CRM helps your sales and service team stay proactive with your customers and ultimately aids to the growth of your company. With this platform, your sales team will be able to anticipate your customers current and future needs.  As a result, this will remove the need to use spreadsheets because CRM will allow the user to automate emails, create tasks, store info, and set reminders. Keep in touch with customers and potential clients: CRM gives you the ability to store your customers information and create records [...]

16 05, 2017

CRM Social Collaboration Ninja

The new Social Collaboration Ninja addon will make it easy for your team to collaborate on any record in CRM. This tool will allow your sales, service, and marketing teams to collaborate on potential and new deals though a conversation tool in the record. This new tool will increase your businesses ability to track communications between users and keep everyone up to date. Key Features of Social Collaboration Ninja: Collaboration View: Everything is found in the collaboration view in each module.  Custom Modules: This addon works with custom modules as well. Tag Users: Social Collaboration Ninja lets you tag users in CRM [...]

8 05, 2017

Benefits of CRM For A Small Business

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) systems are designed to help businesses of all sizes to stay organized and accelerate business growth. However, many small business owners may be hesitant about using technology to drive their business goals due to spending or just feeling unsure about technology all together.  Here are some potential benefits for small businesses that CRM can contribute. Organization: CRM helps you keep organized by providing a safe space to store your data and customer information. All your customers information will be safely stored in the CRM system where only users can access the information and you can [...]