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30 04, 2019

The Future of CRM Software and CRM Software Development

In this weeks episode, John talks about the future trends in CRM Software, and CRM Software Development.  In this episode John provides 3 trends with supporting examples as follows: 1. CRM Systems will be Open Source and Free 2. CRM will transition from Software as a Service to Value as a Service. 3. AI Driven CRM Integrations, and Customizations. Website: http://enterprisetechpodcast.com/ Email: info@enterprisetechpodcast.com Check out this episode!

31 03, 2019

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing CRM Applications

In this weeks episode, John talks about how AI is changing CRM Applications. Learn some of the Top 5 use cases, and how you can infuse AI in your CRM.  Here are the use cases he reviews:   Transcribe and Analyze Sales Calls Reduce Ticket Volume with Intelligent Customer Self-Service. Dig Through Industry and Social Media Data for Account-Based Marketing and Sales. Trawl Through Past Data for Accurate Lead Scoring and Predictive Marketing Predict Caller Intent and Reduce Escalations with a Virtual Assistant Check out this episode!

23 03, 2019

5 Steps to creating your own Cloud Based CRM System

In this weeks episode, John talks about how you would go about implementing your own custom cloud base CRM, and the reasons why you would want to do this. Step 1 - Pick an Open Source tool. Step 2 - Pick an existing Infrastructure as a Service Platform. Step 3 - Identify the Top 3 Use cases for your business Step 4 - Outsource the work to configure your use cases. Step 5 - Define a Roadmap for your CRM Strategy Check out this episode!

20 02, 2019

6 Ways Blockchain will Enhance CRM Applications

In this episode of The Enterprise Tech Podcast, industry thought leader John Perez discusses how blockchain will enhance CRM applications. What is Blockchain? When do you need it? Reason #1 - Increases CRM Data Security Reason #2 - A Better Customer Experience Reason #3 - Reduced Database and Security Costs: Reason #4 - Data Cleansing and Accuracy Reason #5 - Real Time Supply Chain Tracking Reason #6 – Smarter Sales Quoting to Contracts   Check out this episode!

12 02, 2019

The Top 5 Mistakes Companies make when Implementing CRM

In this episode of The Enterprise Tech Podcast, industry thought leader John Perez discusses the 5 best practices and mistakes companies make when implementing CRM and ERP systems.  Hiring Only a Developer, and Not an Experienced Consultant. Not Aligning Business Objectives with CRM Strategy Trying to Boil The Ocean Underestimating the People Aspect of CRM Not Budgeting for Future Enhancements   Check out this episode!

12 01, 2019

The Business Value of CRM (Audio Podcast)

In this debut episode, industry veteran John Perez talks about why your business needs a CRM Platform.  Learn the benefits and use cases for using CRM in your business.  Episode agenda as follows: Introductions and welcomeWhat will you learn in this podcast series?CRM in the MarketplaceStatistics about CRM Cloud AdoptionWhat can you use a CRM system for in your Business?Whats next in the coming years for CRM?Next Episodes