Gantt Chart Ninja One-time for SuiteCRM


The Gantt Chart Ninja Module for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM gives project managers the tool to easily create and update project plans just like you do in Microsoft Project, but right within SugarCRM or SuiteCRM.


The Business Problem with Project Management in CRM

Creating project plans in the current versions of Suite or SugarCRM is clunky and is inefficient. To create a project plan, you have to click 3 to 5 times to create 1 project task. This not only takes time, but does not allow a project manager to build large implementation plans and intuitively see the logical order of tasks in the system.

The Gantt Chart Ninja Solution

Gantt Chart Ninja gives you a graphical user interface that enables you to build your project plan right within Sugar or SuiteCRM by providing an intuitive Project Plan and Gantt Chart layout. Creating a Project Plan and a project task is reduced to 1 click only. Changing dates associated to existing project tasks is done with a click and drag across a calendar timeline. This greatly increases the speed in creating project plans, and gives project stakeholders 1 place to view all project tasks and status.

Gantt Capture Screen 1

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Gantt Chart Ninja
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Key Features

Quickly Create project tasks or milestones.
Organize tasks in a work breakdown structure.
Visually see the hierarchical tree along with progress and dates of lower level tasks summarized at the higher levels
Use drag and drop to move tasks.
Summary tasks can be collapsed to hide tasks which are not important at the moment.
Add dependency constraints between tasks, and more
Manage dates, duration’s, status, etc.

Visually Edit Your Plan
Drag&Drop Project Tasks
Project and Calendar Zooming
Multiple dependencies
Develop a Critical path analysis
Resize & scroll

Export Your Data into CSV Format
Export your data into CSV format and share it with your team.
Import your data into other Project Management Platforms.


A Full Work Breakdown Structure View of your Tasks

Edit Your Tasks in 1 Click

Color Code Your Project Tasks and Milestones

Export Your Project Plan to CSV