Brand Manager Ninja – SuiteCRM


SuiteCRM Brand Manager Ninja gives you the ability to seamlessly change logos and text in CRM. This will allow you to individualize your CRM to your specific company brand.

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With SuiteCRM Brand Manager Ninja, you will be able to change all text referencing SuiteCRM to fit your company brand. This can be done all in one space and will not require you to go to multiple places in CRM to rebrand your instance. With SuiteCRM Brand Manager Ninja, you can easily do all the custom brand changes without paying for customizations.

Key Features:

– Make SuiteCRM your own white label brand in a couple of clicks.
– Change all logos and banners in CRM to personal company logos.
– Change all text in CRM to reference your brand.
– Easily make all changes in the Admin section of CRM.
– Edit text in the About Us section of CRM.
– Add a Favicon to your browser for your CRM.
– Create your own open source CRM product for your customers.

Change all Logo and Text Elements (Configuration Screen)

Easily Change the Dashboard Text:

Before Global Link Change:

Change the Global Links: (Configuration Screen)

After Global Link Change:

Change the About Section: (Configuration Screen)

Add a Custom CRM Favicon to your Browser

Screenshots Before Brand Manager Ninja (Login Screen)

Screenshots After Brand Manager Ninja: (Login Screen)