Timesheet Ninja Visual Dashboard for SuiteCRM


Timesheet Ninja Visual Dashboard is perfect for all types of businesses that want to find out how much time their employees are spending on certain activities in CRM by providing visual graphs and charts. We work directly with you to configure your dashboard to show you how much time has been spent on specific cases, projects, time by employees, weekly time, and more. This add-on gives you an in depth view of what is being submitted in Timesheet Ninja.


How Timesheet Ninja Visual Dashboard Works

Timesheet Ninja Visual Dashboard is a service that enhances the functionality of the Timesheet Ninja plugin. With Timesheet Ninja Visual Dashboards, we customize your SuiteCRM to show visual reports right when you login to CRM. This will give you better insight into what data is being inputted straight into CRM. Data can be broken down into seeing what projects or cases are being spent most on by user, week, or day. You can also assess which day of the week is the most productive and who is the most productive in your team without dealing with reporting engines, exporting CSV files, or PDF and playing around the data to create you own visual representation.

This is a service we provide and does not include a plugin.

We will need access to:

1) Access to your CRM system.
2) Access to your server.
3) Administrative access.

Key Features:

  • Visual Charts and graphs of the data stored in CRM.
  • Insight into employee productivity.
  • Audit employee time and payroll.
  • Analyze time trends to view busiest days of the week.
  • Track time on support cases on how much is spent by week, months, and year.


Visually Track the amount of time logged on support cases.

View the amount of time submitted in total by employee straight on your dashboard.

Learn which day of the week is your slowest and busiest.

View the amount of time submitted monthly by employee and compare month to month; week to week; or year to year.